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A Very Sunny Day at Alver Valley

Friday 17th March was another glorious sunny day. What a wonderful day to go for a dog walk and we had the great pleasure to walk such wonderful, friendly, happy dogs as these four. Today was a very different day - because as you know the team of dog walkers at Bark2School normally only ever walk 2 large dogs at any one time. We are very strict about this - because we honestly believe by just walking two dogs that we have the opportunity to provide individual care, and attention, maintain control, and be responsible and collect all their poo. If you have two dogs - watching where they poo is much easier, as you pick up one - you are watching where the other one went!!

With two dogs recall is a lot easier because one dog will normally follow the other, and the dog walker can "duck and dive" and play "hide an seek" to make it fun for the dogs. BUT today was slightly different. I decided it would be a good idea to go out with David (one of our dog walkers) and see how all the dogs were doing, to get an update on how the dogs were fairing and enjoying their walks. So we took the opportunity, as there were two dog walkers, to combine some of the Friday dogs, Bentley, Lady, Ralphy and Holly. This gave me a great opportunity for us to mix some different breeds and sizes with careful introduction, and each dog got to know the other dogs in the group.

So we all set off for the Alver Valley - to enjoy a very sunny dog walk. So nice to see Spring is on its way - the leaves coming back, and the birds singing - and oh of course not forgetting 4 VERY HAPPY DOGS! As you can see from the pictures they all had great fun and got to know each other very well.

I think its always wonderful when you see such a large breed/boy such as Bentley, our very gentle labrador, walking out with smaller breeds - guiding the little ones along, making sure they know where to go, and teaching them that big or small all the dogs can work and play together. However, all of you who know me will know, that we had lots of interruption of play - recall sessions to ensure they came back when called and lots of sniffs and interesting things to do.

We played hide and seek and, as you can probably see from the pictures, Bentley the labrador was the organiser of the little ones. He was telling them where to find the good "sniffs" - running here and running there. It was like he was saying, "Come on you lot, this way, lets have fun!". Ralphy was using his ears to make him go faster - very streamlined ears Ralphy! Lady was running up and down and doing her own doggy thing, whilst Holly kept checking out what Bentley was up to. A great time was had by dogs and humans!

Thanks for a great walk pooches - see you all again very soon - Ros (and David)
[March 17th 2017]

dog walkers Gosport

One very handsome dog - Bentley our "gentle" giant.

dog walkers Gosport

Bentley tells Ralphy that if you rush your ears flap!

dog walkers Gosport

I told you guys where the good sniffs were!

dog walkers Gosport

David enjoying his walk today with Holly, Ralphy & Bentley

dog walkers Gosport

Holly, Ralphy and Bentley

dog walkers Gosport

Ralphy's ears come in useful - three dogs on a mission!

Stokes Bay Beach, Gosport - A Beautiful Evening For a Doggy Walk

What could be more magical then having the opportunity to walk dogs in the sunset. Sunsets are typically very beautiful as you can see from the picture, something to marvel and cherish - don't you think?

I often think that a sunset picture is not unlike a painting. When the sun sets the colours of the sky change from what is normally a light blue, grey, or white cloudy sky to a darker range of blue or shades or red, orange, violet and yellow. [March 2017]

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The Alver Valley Country Park

Another wonderful day out dog walking at the Alver Valley Country Park. Who could believe in December that we were walking in the sunshine - at around 9 Celsius - 48.2 Fahrenheit? We were so lucky and had the great pleasure to welcome our newest edition Bentley who we started to dog walk today (Friday 9th December 2016).

Thank you to his owners for entrusting Bentley into our care and for using our Bark2scool professional, fully insured dog walking service in Gosport.

This was the first time that we walked Bentley and we wanted to ensure that his first day out with us was a 'positive' experience. We took our time to ensure that Bentley first off wanted to go into our vehicle, and once we knew he was happy and not stressed in any way, he soon jumped in for his first experience / walk with us.

He was an amazing dog to walk, very focused, friendly and obedient. We were careful to introduce him to Leyla and as you can see both hit if off very quickly.

Bentley has already become one of the Bark2school family dogs!!

Here we have Bentley, and Leyla showing off their obedience and focus skills to Danny.

The final picture which demonstrates how bark2school travels each and every one of their owner's dogs in a single crate for comfort and safety, and on to travel in a fully insured vehicle (and fully insured dog walker) Both Bentley and Leyla were very relaxed and happy in their individual crate.

Much fun was had on his first day with Bark2school. [December 2016]

dog walkers Gosport
dog walkers Gosport
dog walkers Gosport

Wonderful Places for Dog Walking in and Around Gosport

Bark2school know how fortunate they are; we not only to have the opportunity of walking our owners' dogs, but to walk their puppies/dogs in such magnificent surroundings such as the Rugby Creek in Gosport. It's a great opportunity for the dogs that enjoy a swim in the creek. The beautiful colours of autumn just make the walks even more enjoyable and the dogs certainly love their swim, or the freedom to run around up and down into the lower Rugby pitch areas.

We at Bark2school dog walking think we have one of the most enjoyable, peaceful jobs anyone could wish for. We have the great fortune of owners entrusting their puppies/dogs into our care and for us to be able to walk all of our owner's dogs every day it is very important we do so and strive to ensure that each and every one of our puppies/dogs get the mentally and physically exercise they need and so deserve. They might come back a little muddy and wet - but your puppy/dog will be a happy wet dog - and we can always dry them before they return home to a cosy, warm house content and happy to await their owners return.

dog walkers Gosport

Dave, Holly and Poppy

dog walkers Gosport

Gosport Creek

dog walkers Gosport

Gosport Creek and Rugby Pitch

Alver Valley and Roxy Having Fun

Alver Valley (you may know previously as The Nature Reserve, Cheque Farm) has the largest green space in Gosport of around 583 acres of magnificent woodland, grassland and interesting habitat. We are very lucky and fortunate to be able to walk our dogs (our owners' dogs) in and around the Alver Valley. There are so many different paths, little streams, reedbeds and woodlands to explore with the dogs. The dogs have the freedom to be off lead and run free. Plenty of little hiding places to play 'hide & seek' with the dogs - which is a great way to build up the recall command, and mentally stimulate all the dogs we walk./

With Apple Dumpling Bridge (north of Carter's copse car park), which leads of more interesting paths and boardwalks and out onto different fields. West of the river is a large area of open grassland with hills to climb (good to keep your dog fit and us!) and on route we can observe the plant life and different species of birds.

Here we have Roxy enjoying her walks through some of those paths and being very happy to be able to explore and have fun. The wonderful meadow picture is another favourite for some of our dogs.

dog walkers Gosport
dog walkers Gosport

Bosun Having Fun - Dog Walking in Stubbington

Here we have one of our newbies - Bosun, such a happy, loveable dog - enjoying the freedom to run around and explore, and trample through the leaves in nearby Stubbington Park. One day Bosun may be walked in Stubbington, the next day at The Alver Valley, the following day at the beach - Bosun never knows where his going which makes his dog walking session even more exciting and interesting for him. We know as professional dog walkers and dog trainers how important it is to ensure that Bosun and all our dog walking dogs get a variety of walks and new experiences every day.

dog walkers Gosport
dog walkers Gosport

Leyla, Nellie, Peppa and Izzie

dog walking Gosport

Leyla loves to have her ball thrown in the long grass in the Alver Valley. She loves to sniff and search to find her most treasured toy.

Don't you just love the smile on her face?

dog walking Gosport

Nellie's enjoying her favourite game of 'chase me' with Peppa and Izzie. Our enclosed field is a perfect opportunity for newbies to run around and get use to us and for us to get know them, plus practise the recall. The field is great for those dogs that need that extra space, without other dogs or distractions being around (the field is fully enclosed and is available to hire).

Bark2School's Fenced Field

Would you like your dog to run free yet safe in a tranquil, quiet setting - to bond with your dog and build your relationship? Bark2School's fenced field could be just right for you. Have a look at these two beautiful dogs and what their owners has to say about hiring our field.

We are fortunate to own an enclosed field for dogs that are not able, for one reason or another, to run free out and about. Owners could be working on recall training, or basic obedience training or perhaps their dogs just aren’t happy around other dogs. This wonderful safe field is brilliant for dogs that need that freedom. Fully fenced with trees to sit under on those very hot days, with lots of space to give the freedom which all dogs love and need.

Here we have Molly and Jessie.

Molly is currently having one to one training for her recall and she needed to be able to run free, have some fun – all without the worry of other dogs or distractions around her. Molly & Jessie had such a lovely time chasing squirrels, rummaging in fallen leaves, playing fetch with their owners.

Here's what Molly's owner had to say afterwards:

Hi Ros and team,

Thanks for letting us hire your fenced field today. Molly and Jessie had a lovely time running around it.. As you can see Molly was pre occupied with squirrel hunting and spent most of her time watching the trees!!!!

Thanks again.

Lisa and Molly

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Did You Know About Restraining Dogs in Vehicles and Insurance for Your Dog?

The Highway code recommends that all drivers need to ensure that their dogs are suitably restrained so that they cannot distract a person whilst they are driving or injure the driver or themselves if the vehicle stops too quickly.

At Bark2School we will only ever transport your dog in a secure single crate (never having two dogs together).

As a professional dog walking company, we also have to follow the boundaries of the law and Highway Code when travelling with your dog in our vehicle. Bark2School has full and comprehensive vehicle & public liability insurance, and, if we were to have an accident, your dog would be fully covered as your dog would be travelling in a secure crate - which is a stipulation of our pet insurance.

Welcome to Three New Puppies!

With the expansion of Bark2School's professional, fully insured dog walking and pop in creche service, we'd like to say a BIG WELCOME to our three new puppies who began their walks and creche on a journey with us.

We are thrilled that Krista, Steve & Elizabeth have allowed their new puppies into our care and booked our dog walking and creche services for their new puppies.

We think you will agree how lucky we are to have been given this opportunity when you see these three beauties. Thank you!


See all of you doggies soon!

Ros, Danny & David [September 4th 2016]

dog walking gosport

dog walking Gosport

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